We Are Working On A New Website

The internet is not immune from the massive advances in technology and my old website was getting dated. Using an NLP concept “that if someone else can do it, then with the appropriate skills I should be able to do it too” mentality I have taken the leap and this is my own work now. Well, with  a little help from my friends!

A website these days needs to be able to automatically resize itself for desktops, laptops, tablets and phones and no doubt the new watches. One thing the web has done for us is to provide an access to 24 hour information on literally any subject, in particular health. Its great that people want to be more informed about their health and the options available as I am strongly convinced that once we take responsibility for our health then it usually follows.

In time this site will develop and hopefully be a mine of information on what Osteopathy in my hands is and how I may be able to help you. Please be patient.


About the Author:Roger Kingston