Osteopathy for Children


Children and toddlers, whilst no longer babies still require a different approach to an adult when they are receiving osteopathic care.

Dr Kingston took advanced courses with Professor Kolar at the Prague School of Manual Medicine and Rehabilitation in paediatric  musculoskeletal development.

We assess any complaint specifically and also from a global developmental perspective. An example being a child with a strained shoulder with a specific tendon being irritated. We would address the painful tissue but also analyse why it happened and correct any “developmental reflex programming” which provides a faster and usually longer lasting correction.

Osteopathy is not simply for back, muscle and joint pain. It is a sophisticated system of biomechanical and physiological analysis with the aim of restoring or improving bodily function.

In all cases a child is assessed and in consultation with the parents treatment plans with expected outcomes and discussed. Dr Kingston uses age specific, suitable treatment approaches and techniques. He does not manipulate / crack children preferring to use far more suitable gentle approaches.

If you have any questions about your child please do not hesitate to email or telephone us for advise.

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