Visceral Osteopathy




Our organs (viscera) located within the pelvis, abdomen and chest are made of smooth muscle and specialised tissues. They are held in position by ligaments and they have a range of movement. Smooth muscle may go into spasm or be traumatised by infection, surgery, pregnancy or injury.  When there is mechanical disruption or irritation then pain and disturbed function may occur.  An osteopath may detect such disturbances and with very delicate approaches, like gentle stretching or guided movement, may be able to restore normal function.

An example being someone with breathing problems; their chest wall may be semi rigid, their neck restricted and their diaphragm overly tense. Mechanically there is disturbance to how effectively their lungs function and they may be experiencing pain. Osteopathic treatment to restore mobility and normal function of the chest would have a marked effect.

Age is not an indicator as we see babies with visceral disturbances as well as adults.

 With visceral pain it is always very important to exclude any pathologies and your osteopath will take a detailed history and perform any relevant examinations. If further diagnostic tests are required we will happily communicate with your GP.

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