Osteopathy for Treating Pain

Acute Pain

 When you injure yourself, and if there is actual tissue damage, you experience acute pain. The osteopath can determine the extent of this injury and decide if osteopathic treatment is suitable or if you need a surgeon to repair it. Acute pain is usually dealt with fairly quickly and early intervention is recommended.

An osteopath may work in conjunction with your GP or specialist to get your recovery speeded up.  Usually acute episodes are easily managed and recovery can be quite quick.  Osteopathy is usually the treatment of choice.


Chronic Pain

 Chronic pain is a different ball game entirely as this can be a case of an inappropriate response by the brain to a past sensitisation and there may be no current injury. These situations are more complex but the osteopathic approach is to look at accumulated patterns of mental, chemical and physical stress in the tissue and to systematically work to release and rehabilitate them. This again may require the involvement of your GP, Psychologist and Exercise Physiologist.

All patients seeing us undergo a comprehensive case history taking and examination to determine a diagnosis which enables us to formulate a treatment plan that is specific for your own individual needs.


Osteopaths have been treating people in pain for over 100 years.

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