Osteopathy for Sports Injuries and Performance Enhancement

sports osteopathy

Dr Kingston has played and participated in many sports (rugby, athletics, swimming, fishing, wind surfing, sailing, surf life saving, aikido, etc.) over the years and been injured in nearly all of them!  It was after being concussed whilst playing rugby that he sought treatment from an Osteopath who helped him recover and also corrected many unresolved injuries which enhanced his performance (until the next time!).  Since then he has treated many high level and international rugby players, professional dancers, joggers, Gold Medal winning Olympians and the weekend warriors!

Acute injuries, where there isn’t actually torn or broken tissue, responds rapidly to osteopathic treatment. We use Rocktape strapping, instrumented soft tissue techniques, osteopathic techniques and specialised DNS rehabilitation approaches as a part of our package.

DNS, Dynamic Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation, is a fantastic approach to help regain and correct control of an injured area and to rehabilitate it back to normal function.  Often we see people with no pain or actual injury but who want to improve their performance and to prevent injury.

Whilst elite athletes have reached the top and require help staying there the group often overlooked are the children starting out in squad training, dancing, martial arts etc. If a child is going to be placing their bodies under physical stress it is vital that they are functioning optimally. Unresolved birth strains (yes they can still effect a young child), missed stages of development, unresolved previous injuries and current injuries will all impact on their performance and place them at potential risk for further injury. A simple screening to ensure that nothing has been missed is always advisable.

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