Pregnant Mums - Osteopaths can Help


Mums will often find pregnancy can be a difficult time for them with back and pelvis pain and because they are pregnant they can not safely take many of the normal pain medications. Osteopathy in experienced hands is a very safe way to help. Dr Kingston has been treating babies and pregnant mums for over 20 years and having 3 children  is sympathetic to what women go through.

The whole process of pregnancy involves massive physical, biomechanical and physiological change to a womans’ body and durring this sequence she may become vulnerable to exacerbating any unresolved physical injury or to be injured. In the latter stages once the hormone relaxin kicks in her pelvis will become looser in order to make birth possible and this can place further mechanical strain on her tissues.  Many women sail through pregnancy without any issues, but many don’t and need help.

Any treatment approach Dr Kingston uses is very gentle and he will not do anything that he believes could be considered a risk to you or your baby.

When there has been a history of a previous traumatic birth or following a Caesarian Section we recommend an osteopathic assessment to rehabilitate your spine and pelvis first to make carrying once pregnant easier.  After your baby is born, we always like to say “hello” and ensure they have come into the world without any strain and naturally to ensure that Mum is functioning well and to get her safely through the next sequence which is returning back to normal function.

If you would like to know more about what an osteopath can do for you in pregnancy please either give us a call or drop us an email.  We are here to help.


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